Christmas is a celebration in honor of the [physical] birth of Jesus Christ. Recall that Jesus Christ has been in existence before even the creation of the world. And God said let us make man in our own image, after our own likeness: and let them have dominion over,,,,,,,, (Genesis 1:26). In this verse 26, God the father here is referring to God the son (Jesus Christ) and God the Holy Ghost. Remember also that in John 1:1,, In the beginning was the word and the word was with God, and the word was God. All things were made by him,,,,, in him was life; and the life was the light of men. Verse 14 says, and the word was made flesh and dwelt among us,,,,

The birth of Jesus Christ in human flesh was foretold by the prophet Isaiah 7:14; Mathew 1:23,,, Behold, a virgin shall be with a child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel [God with us]. Jesus Christ forsake his glory in the heavenly and was made flesh to redeemed mankind from the curse of the law [Gal. 3:13] and from eternal condemnation [John 3:16-17]. Jesus Christ did not knew sin,,,, he was not conceived in sin like every other human being [Mathew 1:24-25]. The word "Emmanuel" means God with us everywhere we go, so whatever you do this Christmas ask yourself is God with me in this place. Because if God is not with you, whatever arrow the enemy throws at you will automatically hit you.

The singular purpose why Jesus was born is to save mankind and to reconciled us back to God in order that we might assume our original place of Dominion in creation [Gen. 1:26-28]. So celebrating Christmas is celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ in human flesh, celebrating God's love towards mankind,,,, For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son,,,[John 3:16]. The question is, should we celebrate Christ birth/God's love and if we must celebrate how do we celebrate his birth? Jesus Christ birth must be celebrated, but must be celebrated accordance with the motive or reason of his birth.

Christmas is period of total consecration: Jesus Christ came to the earth to redeemed us from sin, and to reconcile us back to God. So Christmas should be seen as a period take stock of our life since January till date, whether we have glorified Christ through our life style, whether we have been expanding God's kingdom or devil's kingdom. Is a period to ask ourselves, whether we have been reconciled to God through Christ birth and how many we ourselves have reconciled back to God. Because all of us have been called into the ministry of reconciliation ( 1 Corr. 5:18)
Christmas is period of total Service and Stewardship: You have been saved by God's grace, so go out there and tell others about Christ. God purpose of sending Jesus to earth can't be fulfilled, if people don't know about the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Christmas is not a period of rest, eating and partying, but rather a period we go out there and win the lost sheep back to God. It is a shame if throughout this Christmas period You didn't talk to someone about Jesus Christ. This your opportunity to talk to all your family members about Jesus Christ. If you are ashamed of Jesus he will be ashamed of you too, so stand up to your call.
Don't tell me you don't know how to preach, say it the way you know and the Holy spirit will do the remaining one,,,,, tell them that Jesus loves them and have died for them, and they should forsake all their sin and accept Jesus as their Lords and Savior. Remember them that hell and heaven is real and every man shall be judged according to their lifestyle on earth. Pray and Holy spirit will teach everything to say. 

Christmas is period of Showing love to others: The birth of Christ was because of God's love towards mankind, so let reciprocate God's love in us by showing others love during this period. Care for the needy, orphans, share whatever you have with others as you are doing this, you can as well tell them about the love of Christ. Pray for the lost souls, pray for your family members, pray for your community, pray for your nation, that God purpose will be fulfilled on earth. 

Christmas is period of Advertising Jesus Christ: Stop saying merry Xmas rather say merry Christmas don't join them to hide the identity of Christ. Customize banners, polo with such inscription as, Jesus loves you, Jesus died for you, Jesus can save from all problem, Jesus is coming soon, Christmas is not a period partying. Design something that can attract people attention and that will preach Jesus, something that can cause people to repent from their sin. You can even print this write-up, photocopy  and distribute to people around you.

Christmas is not period of Drinking and fornicating: Some people see Christmas period as a period of fornicating and sleeping with all sort of girls and boys, that is why they never prosper in the preceding years. Stop wasting your future in the name of celebration, those alcohol you are busy drinking up and down are the cause of your sickness during the year long. Live a life that glorify Christ this season and see if he will not glorify you in 2016.

Don't use your own hand to cause problem for yourself, all this while you have been fornicating, drinking, lying, gossiping, partying what have you gain. If you die today what will you tell your creator. Did you create yourself? If you have not created yourself, why then do you live as if you create yourself. Remember, you can't make God first class and he will make you second or third class. Seek first God's kingdom and his righteousness every other things shall be added unto you. Everything you do in this Christmas do it to glorify God's name and God will surely glorify and bless you beyond measure in Jesus name. Amen