Pray without ceasing. {1 Thessalonians 5: 17}.

The question is, why do we pray? How do we then pray to get expected result?   
Prayer and studying God's word are the two greatest tools for accessing God's purpose for man, in fact you can neither hear or talk to God without prayer. Prayer is art of taking God's words back to him about his promises over our life, it is divine communion between man and God. The essence of prayer is to seek God divine intervention in our problems thereby getting answer to our needs; it show our dependence on God for solution to our problems. 

Unfortunately, most Christian don't like to praying, some don't know how to pray, others don't know when to pray, often pray amiss leading to many unanswered prayers. The manner we approach the throne of grace determines the result we get. The following simple steps will guide you to pray better.

1. Start all prayer with thanksgiving and end with thanksgiving: Psalm. 100:4, Mathew 6:10. When Jesus was teaching the disciple how to pray, he taught them to start their prayer with thanksgiving. You don't start prayer with petition as if God is your mate or owing you. Jesus and the Apostle demonstrate this by acknowledging God first before making any request, Act4:24. God don't send angel to receive praise rather he descend in his glory to accept our praise.
In all the ministry of Christ on earth, he always thank the father for everything, he thanked before he broke the bread during the feeding of the five thousand, he thank God before he said any word the day he raised Lazarus his friend from death.

2. Approach God with full confidence in his ability: And all things whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing ye shall receive (Mathew 21: 22). Jesus always says, "your faith has made you whole". Before you prayer have faith that Christ is able to answer you and praying as one of those options available. Everything about the bible is about Faith, so if you must get anything from God you must have faith. Bible say for without faith no man can please God. Stop waiting to see before you believe rather believe and then you see. Oh! May the holy ghost interprets this to you in Jesus name. Amen.

3. Remind the situation how great your God is: He said son of man is there anything too hard for God do,,,,,, Genesis 18:4, Jeremiah 32:27. For with God nothing shall be impossible, Luke 1:37, John 14:12-13, he that believeth, whatsoever ye ask in my name I will do. Mark 9: 23.,,,,,, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to them that believe. So when you doubt your prayer whenever you pray, you have automatically limit God's power.

4. Pray with God's word: Remind God of his word on your situation, for healing quote Jeremiah. 30:17, I will restore health unto you and heal you. If yours is blessing read,, 2 Corinthians 2:8-9, Deuteronomy 7:13,,,, read Deuteronomy 28:1-14. Remember, you can only know the right word to apply if study your bible. You will always pray amiss without proper knowledge of the bible, because you can only know God's will for your life through bible study.
5. Keep your end: Prov. 15:8,, a prayer of a sinner is abomination to God, 1john3:22,"whatever, we ask we receive of him, because we keep his commandment. If children of the devil knows how to keep the do's and don't of the devil so that its power can work for them, we should also learn to obey God's word. The problem with most Christian is that we fail to understand that once we live in sin, the devil will accuse you, thereby reducing your faith which automatically renders your prayer powerless.

6. Seek the direction of the Holy spirit: it is the holy spirit that teaches us the will of the father and how to pray. Rom. 8:26-27,, the holy spirit search our heart and help us to pray in harmony with God's will. So tell the holy spirit to help you to pray. Jesus knew the importance of the Holy spirit that why he promise to send him for us. He the Holy spirit will help you to pray in harmony with God's will.
7. Pray all prayer in the name of Jesus: pray through faith in the name of Jesus Act. 3:16, Jh14:13-14, anything you ask in my name, I will do. Remember, Phil. 2:9-11 says the name of Jesus has been lifted above every other name in both heaven and earth. Challenge your issue with Jesus name.

8. Pray for others; the unsaved souls, those in the hospitals, those in the prisons, pray for the church among others. Learn how to pray for others by so doing you are praying for yourself. When you pray for others God respond to your issue because you have fulfill the law by his grace.(Roman 13:8). Pray until something happened, don't get relent on your prayer, it is the only key. Bible says the earnest desire of the righteous shall not be cut short. 

After praying in faith, wait patiently on God for him to respond to your answer, God is never  late, He have a good plan and purpose for, stop panicking, worry they won't solve anything, rather start praising him for the answer you believe will manifest.  If the devil remind you of your unanswered prayer, resist him and he will flee away. James 4:7. Remember your answer is on the way, it may be delayed but it can't be denied. Prayer is not magic just believe and you will see it.

My dear when you pray and nothing seem happening, wait patiently on him, He might be watching you to know whether your basis of serving him is because of what you stand to gain. He will restore all you have lost in due season only if you faint not. God is the final bus stop to all life problem.