Christianity is beyond mere going to church, and worshiping with others, as many suppose it to be. The word Christian simply mean Christ-like that is to say, living like Christ. Today people are deceiving themselves and not God, living the way they like, and yet, called themselves Christ-like. Christ has its own values that he expect in us, as displayed in the volume of him. I have identified ten virtues or value of a born again Christian.  These values/virtues are extracted from the seven heavenly virtues: Prudence, justice, temperance, courage; faith, hope and love.

Welcome to our new Community.

It is always great opportunity to serve God, for by grace are we saved. You are all welcome to this blessed community/family where all we know how to do is to please God. It is a community of those that want to discover more about their purpose on earth, those that want to discover more about who they really are in Christ Jesus.