Understanding The Concept of Law And Grace

What do you understand by grace? Do grace nullify law? Does it mean that "grace" has replaced "Law" and the "Law" is discarded? Does Christ death actually abolished the Law, and give people license to continue in sin? What does the Bible really say? What then shall we do and teach others?

The misconception of grace and law has thrown many into confusion, with varying interpretations. Many preachers and teachers of the gospel has erroneously mislead people to believe that grace has abolish the law, thereby giving them licenses to live there life the way they like, without paying attention to moral code of conduct. That is why we have so many unbelieving-believers in churches today. People going to hell from the church.

The meaning of grace: Grace is the undeserving favor of God bestowed on mankind. Grace goes beyond forgiving someone who rob and probably rape your wife in your presence, to include giving the person job in your company with company car and allowance. If someone offend you, and you forgive and forget you are just merciful, that not grace. Grace is going beyond forgiving an offender to favor the person.

Moral Code of Conduct: The new Law

Does the Law still apply only to the Jew? What is the purpose of the law? Does the Law still apply to Christians today? Does Grace abolish the Law
Often there is a misconception by twenty first century Christianity that the law was made for the Jews only and has nothing to do with believers today. There is this believes that, Christ death on the cross has abolished the law and that Christian only live in Grace, Free from the law and its dictates to live as they like so long they believe in the death of Christ.


Christianity is beyond mere going to church, and worshiping with others, as many suppose it to be. The word Christian simply mean Christ-like that is to say, living like Christ. Today people are deceiving themselves and not God, living the way they like, and yet, called themselves Christ-like. Christ has its own values that he expect in us, as displayed in the volume of him. I have identified ten virtues or value of a born again Christian.  These values/virtues are extracted from the seven heavenly virtues: Prudence, justice, temperance, courage; faith, hope and love.

Welcome to our new Community.

It is always great opportunity to serve God, for by grace are we saved. You are all welcome to this blessed community/family where all we know how to do is to please God. It is a community of those that want to discover more about their purpose on earth, those that want to discover more about who they really are in Christ Jesus.