The Ministry of God's Love: Loving like Christ

Love is the greatest message of the gospel. In fact, Christianity is all about love. A righteous Christian is a loving Christian and it takes only a loving Christian to make heaven. He who does not Love does not know God; for God is love. (1 John 4:8). The real definition of God is love don't be deceived. Love is the heart beat of God,, For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son,,,, John 3:16. Love here come before giving, to be like God is to love like God and to love like God is to love unconditional; ,,,in that while we are yet in sin Christ died for us (Roman 5:8). Go and search your bible from Genesis to Revelation, you will not see where God give condition for loving us.

God's kind of love is the agape love - love without condition. Love to God is not feelings or emotion, it is not about how you feel rather is about your action towards something, it's obedience, it is character reflection . That is why Jesus says, "if you love me keep my commandment" (John14:15). Keeping here means obedience to God's commandment, not confession, neither feeling the presence; obedience is better than sacrifice. The greatest commandment is the commandment of love.