Jesus Christ left his very throne to die a shameful death on the cross to redeem us from the bondage of sin. ,,,,In that while we are yet sinner, Christ died for us {Rom. 5:8}.  Sin is one factor that have hindered many Christian from enjoying mutual relationship with God here on earth, leading to loss of glory, hinders God’s work and blessing in their life, and ultimately leading to both spiritual death (Rom. 3:23) and eternal condemnation.

 The issue is that many believers is aware of their sin, the consequences of their sin, and are ever willing to be free from it but often lack ability to overcome the sin. The most dangerous of this sin is fornication and adultery. The spirit behind it is so powerful that it binds it victims to herself, it leads the victims to self pity and destruction. It often leads to addiction and become very hard for the victims to break out of the bondage.

I know of a brother who fasted for two weeks just to be able to overcome the sin of fornication only to end up fornicating with a female friend he was narrating his experience to the preceding day. Another brother fornicated same day he was baptized, even with the same cloth he used in baptism. The most pathetic one was another brother who fasted for one month, and the day he ended the fasting his girlfriend came visiting which he ended up fornicating with her. This brother out of bitter heart use knife to cut-off his manhood and died in the process. The question is, can someone overcome such besetting sin? YES IT IS POSSIBLE.