Pray without ceasing. {1 Thessalonians 5: 17}.

The question is, why do we pray? How do we then pray to get expected result?   
Prayer and studying God's word are the two greatest tools for accessing God's purpose for man, in fact you can neither hear or talk to God without prayer. Prayer is art of taking God's words back to him about his promises over our life, it is divine communion between man and God. The essence of prayer is to seek God divine intervention in our problems thereby getting answer to our needs; it show our dependence on God for solution to our problems. 

Unfortunately, most Christian don't like to praying, some don't know how to pray, others don't know when to pray, often pray amiss leading to many unanswered prayers. The manner we approach the throne of grace determines the result we get. The following simple steps will guide you to pray better.